Blood microsamples for your research

Interestingsamples provides blood microsamples for method development, biomarker search and real-world personalized diagnostics applications.

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Microsamples from real-life conditions

We collect microsamples in real-world remote blood collection setting using at-home blood collection kit and an online platform for data collection, training and communication with research participants.

Customizable blood collection kit  - Image

Customizable blood collection kit

Platform for data collection and communication - Image

Platform for data collection and communication

Samples shipped by mail - Image

Samples shipped by mail

Sample collection is approved by ethics committee and research participants give physical written informed consent prior to sample collection.

Order blood microsamples

Specify what patients/participants and data you need  - Image

Specify what patients/participants and data you need

Choose and customize blood microsampling kit - Image

Choose and customize blood microsampling kit

Get blood microsamples and patient data for your research - Image

Get blood microsamples and patient data for your research

Our services

The goal of Interestingsamples is to make blood microsampling mainstream method of sample collection in translational research.

We are a service that helps researchers find research participants, get approvals and manage collection of blood microsamples so that your institution or company can invest more time in research, data analysis and method development – things that are important.


Any research conducted on human participants requires approvals. We help you to get all necessary approval documents.

Sampling management

Interestingsamples manages the whole workflow of getting the samples from the study participant to the researcher‘s laboratory.

Sampling material

We provide sampling material for the study participants – you can choose from a variety of ready-made sampling kits or customize your kit according to your needs.

Recruitment and training

We find and train patients/participants for your research objective. Our approach uses influencers, social-media marketing and interest organizations to reach participants efficiently.

Our partners

Latest news

PRIMER pre-accelerator

We won jury prize for the best presentation in PRIMER pre-accelerator program organized by Civitta Slovakia and EIT InnoEnergy. It is a small victory, but yet another valuable validation of our concept by several central european investors. Many thanks to the organizers of this information-rich program and to our blood microsampling partner Neoteryx.

PRIMER pre-accelerator - Image

Latest news

Healthcare Lab

We were selected to HealthCareLab - ambitious CEE startup accelerator powered by Roche. We are among 6 startups chosen from 34 applicants.

Healthcare Lab - Image

Latest news

Startup and Innovation Day 2019 Budapest

After winning the Slovak round of Startup Campus V4 Roadshow start-up event, we were selected to participate in the regional Get in the Ring contest in Budapest. Here, seven other aspiring companies from the Visegrad countries pitched their ideas in front of hundreds of investors at a glamorous start-up event held in the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts. We had the opportunity to pitch our idea in front of Dr. Vereckei Péter - CEO of Pfizer Hungary and sponsor of the event. Although we did not win this time, our idea found an audience and we were able to start conversations with several investors and made numerous contacts. Many thanks to the organizers of Regional Startup and Innovation Day 2019 - Hiventures, Startup Campus and Rocket Shepherd.

Pitching in front of the pfizer in Budapest.

Latest news

Startup Campus V4 Roadshow

We won the Slovakian final in Bratislava in a thrilling competition of the best local MedTech startups - Startup Campus V4 Roadshow. Many thanks to Civitta Slovakia and Startup Campus for our nomination and also thanks to all jury members - Pavol Cekan (CEO at MultiplexDX International), Eva Šimeková (CEO at Civitta Slovakia) and Tamás Tossenberger (Head of Communications and International Programmes at Startup Campus) for showing interest in our startup.

Startup Campus V4 Roadshow winners

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